Hickory Run State Park - mChen Photography

Boulder Field

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My weekend's trek was to check out the boulder field located in Hickory Run State Park in Kidder township up in the Pocono region that I read and heard about. A general area somewhat familiar, but not the park.  The weekend temperature had fallen having turned much colder and blustery with strong gusts of wind.  As I made my way north to the Poconos I was in the midst of the first snow fall of the season.  By the time I arrived at the park the snow was falling steadily with a couple inches on the ground.  The field is located a couple miles from either of 2 park's entrances down a decent narrow dirt road. There is parking lot next to the field.  I swapped for my winter coat and hiking boots in order to brave the cold temperature and have sufficient traction for a short walk into the boulder field.  

I took along my 16-35mm  f/4 wide angle zoom lens, RRS tripod, and Siris monopod.  The monopod proved handy in the boulder field as the tripod would have been difficult to set up among all the rocks.   

The field is an interesting site.  The park is very expansive with plenty of areas and facilities throughout the park.  It is probably worthy of another visit and viewing for photographs at a different time of the year when it is not snowing. 



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