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This year as I prepared for my summer vacation I began compiling my list of items to bring along with me keeping in mind baggage sizes and limitations associated with air travel and the bulk and weight of my luggage since I would mainly be lugging everything around on my own.  Selecting clothes and personal items was a cinch.  Then came the tricky part. Deciding on what camera equipment to bring along as I didn't want to miss a photo opportunity.  After selecting what I thought to be basic equipment needed I began dreading the thought of the weight and bulk associated having to carrying this equipment around with me.  It became apparent to me that I needed to find an alternative to my dSLR camera and accessories.  Thus I begin my investigation for lighter and more compact camera options.  My investigation led me to the mirror less compact camera as a worthy travel camera.  However,  I was skeptical regarding the image quality of a four thirds mirror less camera with less megapixels and smaller crop frame sensor over my dSLR's full frame sensor.  Finally my reading drew me to the Olympus cameras.  Subsequently the Pen F model caught my attention.  It is compact.  It has impressive specs and I really liked the retro look / design.

So I ended up buying myself a Pen F with their better quality normal zoom lens and a standard quality telephoto zoom lens for my trip.  Let me tell you, I had a blast with this camera on my trip.  Impressively well crafted.  There was no issue carrying all the accessories for hours on end in my messenger camera bag.  IMO picture quality from the 22mp sensor is impressive.  I found no issue with short battery life or low light focusing as claimed in some reviews although I mostly used the eye piece, not the electronic view finder,  and took limited low lite shots. I find that the very best camera feature of all is the creative dial on the front of the camera.  Quick, convenient, and easy to use.  Just a twist to go from color to B&W to creative mode.  There are plenty of other settings for those who like this sort of stuff.  Its inconspicuous compact size makes it well suited for travel and/or street photography.  I had a good experience using it so I'm impressed with it.  It made a believer in the mirrorless camera out of me.  It is a keeper in my camera collection as it is well suited to take with me when I don't want to deal with my dSLR.  You can take a look at my China pictures taken with this camera.

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