Kinzua Bridge State Park - mChen Photography

Trip Idea - Visit a PA State Park

Located in far reaching rural northwest Pennsylvania lies an interesting site for one to go and see.  The place is Kinzua Bridge State Park located in Kane, PA (or Mt Hewett) roughly a 5 hour drive from the western suburbs of greater Philadelphia.  You may ask yourself is it worth the drive?   For me it ended up a nice day trip with a stop at State College along the way.  This is the location where a tornado hit in 2003 bringing down the Kinzua Viaduct known as the longest and tallest railroad structure at 2,053 feet long and 301 feet high.  The park offers a new Visitor's Center, the skywalk, scenic views, and the view of the remains of the collapsed section of the bridge. 

I went during the Fall.  If you decide to go there, first bring or wear a pair of comfortable, hiking style shoes.  This is especially true if you want to walk out and down the steep trail to view the collapsed sections.  Be sure to walk all the way out and across the foot bridge. Sections of the trail are wet and muddy so you will want good traction.

For camera equipment I recommend at least bringing a normal lens or normal zoom lens and some sort of wide angle lens.  If you are after some real serious photographs then add a ND filter or best to bring is Lee graduated ND filter(s) to balance the contrast in lighting between the bridge and sky when down on the trail looking back and upwards at the bridge and optionally a mono pod and tripod.

Enjoy the trip and visit.


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